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Outline arrays deliver versatility for Polish Philharmonic hall

The new Outline Butterfly line array elements were installed to provide power and versatility for Poland’s Kashubian Philharmonic Hall.

Systems integrator Ambient System has installed an Outline sound reinforcement system in the Kashubian Philharmonic Hall, Wejherowo, Poland.

As well as the multi-purpose concert hall, the striking venue – which takes its name from the local area’s ethnic and linguistic community – also features a culture centre with numerous workshops hosting a wide variety of artistic activities.

Gdansk-based Outline distributor Ambient System was called in by the venue’s owners, Wejherowo City Hall, to supply and install the audio equipment, as well as to coordinate the hall’s AV design. The brief was to provide a system that would ensure high quality sound and even coverage throughout the 400-seat auditorium, as well as one that could easily be moved outdoors for larger events.

Ambient System’s electro-acoustic system specialist Pawel Zakrzewski explained: “We therefore had to find a system that was big enough for outdoor events, but not too aggressive, as well as being ideal for smaller indoor performances in the concert hall. Our clients also specified that the equipment installed had to be compatible with visiting acts’ rider requirements.”

After selecting an Outline audio package as the best solution, Pawel used Outline OpenArray 3D software for sound prediction, coverage and weight distribution.

Ambient opted to deploy a main rig with a L-R set-up. Each hang incorporates six Outline Butterfly C.D.H. 483 line array elements for mid-high frequency reproduction and a Butterfly C.D.L. 1815 enclosure handling the low end.

A pair of Outline DBS 18-2 passive subwoofers for sub-bass extension were positioned at either side of the stage and four Outline Mantas were used on front fill chores. The Mantas enclosures avoid any unwanted reflections from the room’s walls due to their 120° horizontal coverage pattern.

Elsewhere, four Outline iSM 115 powered monitors and six Outline iSM 212 wedge monitors were installed for stage monitoring. The set-up’s powerhouse comprises four Outline T-Five amplifiers (driving the Butterfly C.D.L. 1815 and front fills enclosures) and eight Outline T-Seven units (for the Butterfly C.D.H. 483 and subs).

Thanks to their built-in iMode DSP platforms, the monitors can be controlled via Wi-Fi with the dedicated Outline app. Pawel stated: “This configuration works well for the venue, because it’s designed to be very flexible. For opera productions, classical concerts or other events not requiring high-level subwoofer content, the sound team can disconnect the Outline DBS 18-2 subwoofers and remove them if necessary, as the main hangs are able to ensure top-grade sound down to 40Hz.”