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Osram launches smart lighting for Christmas trees

Osram’s Lightify light chain and smartphone app allows Christmas tree to radiate in around 16 million different colours.

The lighting manufacturer Osram is offering ”smart“ lighting for Christmas trees for the first time this year. The Lightify light chain enables the festive trees to radiate in around 16 million different colours, controlled by a smartphone app. Thanks to modern LED technology, the Christmas lighting bills will plummet – the German Energy Agency calculates that upgrading a single Christmas tree from standard incandescent lamps to light emitting diodes during the Christmas season saves more than 30 euros in electricity costs.

The controllable light chains are a component in the Lightify lighting system that enables users to exploit the wide-ranging options provided by light. Once installed, brightness and colour tones can be modified with the smartphone app to achieve a discreet Christmas atmosphere or create festive gold tones. After Christmas, the chains can then be used in the garden, either for winter barbecues or as garden spots during summer evenings to bathe paths and flower beds in coloured light.

The controllable light chains have been made possible with LED technology, enabling almost unlimited colour variations and significant savings in power costs – one LED light chain consumes up to 97% less power than its incandescent lamp equivalent.