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Oslo nightclub dances to the tune of VUE Audiotechnik

One of Oslo’s most popular nightclubs, Internasjonalen (The International), has been outfitted with a VUE Audiotechnik loudspeaker system.

Since opening in late 2003, the club has gained a loyal clientele who enjoy its open, two-story industrial décor, and unique combination of rare spirits, quality beers and musical talent representing a wide variety of genres.

Club owners decided to update what was an aging audio system in an effort to improve sound quality for live music events, while attracting additional high profile talent to its stage.

Trondheim and Oslo-based avon headed the design and installation of the VUE Audiotechnik solution, which forms the centerpiece to the new state-of-the-art PA main stage loudspeaker system.

The club’s interior has numerous hard reflective surfaces owed to the historic building that features clean European lines, and large open spaces with exposed infrastructure. This required the team to select a solution that offered exceptional pattern control and ample amounts of high output for their size. With this in mind: “we specified the VUE h- and a-Class, and then designed the rest of the system around those,” commented Edgar Lien, avon owner and co-designer of Internasjonalen’s new system.

The final design includes a main system comprised of two VUE Audiotechnik h-15w full-range powered loudspeakers with a single as-418 quad 18in isobaric subwoofer. To preserve floor space and site lines, all three cabinets are flown above the main stage with a custom-engineered rubber suspension system that eliminates unwanted vibrations in the vintage industrial ceiling structures. Careful alignment ensures ample coverage in the listening areas while reflective surfaces are easily avoided.

“We’re very happy with how smoothly the system came together,” said Lien. “Once we had the rubber suspension system designed, installing the VUE loudspeakers and dialing in the ideal coverage was incredibly easy.”

Rounding out the main stage are four VUE a-12 passive two-way systems deployed as monitors. FFA amplifiers provide power for the as-418 subwoofer and the four a-12 wedges. A Yamaha CL3 console handles the mix, with system-wide control and routing handles by a Dante-equipped Dynacord P64 matrix mixer.

A selection of VUE i-Class surface-mount speakers complete the club-wide installation with distributed sound reinforcement throughout the lounge, bar and other ancillary areas.

“The customer couldn’t be happier with the results, and to us that’s the most important thing,” concluded Lien. “Word is getting out about the new system and that’s precisely what they hoped would happen.”