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Optoma unveils flagship installation projector

Optoma has expanded the ProScene projector range with the addition of its flagship WU1500 installation model.

The new WUXGA projector delivers 12,000 lumens at the centre of the image and features twin lamps and six lens options. Both lamps can be operated together to deliver maximum brightness, or individually with the ‘lamp relay’ function. This extends the time between lamp replacements and provides an extra level of resilience in the event of lamp failure. The six lens options use LD (low dispersion) glass to ensure focus and minimal drop in brightness, even over long throw distances.

The WU1500 is capable of 24/7 operation and can be installed at any angle over a full 360° range along its horizontal axis, enabling floor and ceiling projection. In addition, the new model can also operate in ‘portrait mode’, increasing the installation possibilities.

A key addition for this model is HDBaseT connectivity, allowing the transmission of HD video, audio and control signals over a single Cat6 cable. This extends transmission distances between the source device and the projector, providing a cable run of up to 100m. Additionally, the projector is equipped with a 3G-SDI terminal, enabling the display of uncompressed digital video.

“The Optoma WU1500 is an important new addition to the high resolution installation projector market,” explained Justin Halls, Optoma Europe’s head of visual system solutions and technical services. “Not only does the product offer a substantial increase in brightness, it also includes new features that our customers have been asking for, such as HDBaseT connectivity, portrait mode and an all-new lens line-up. Our new flagship model raises the bar not only for performance, but also for quality and reliability.”

The WU1500 is suited to large-venue applications including auditoriums, museums, digital signage, and higher education. The image processor has been upgraded and now includes picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture capabilities, allowing the simultaneous display of images from two separate sources. The processor’s functions also include image blending and warping, making it particularly suited to more complex multi-projector environments. The unit is compatible with external signal processors such as Optoma’s Chameleon GB-200.

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