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Optoma introduces first fixed lens laser projector

Optoma has launched its ZU510T-W WUXGA 5,500 lumens laser phosphor projector, designed specifically for mid-sized venue applications in the pro-AV market.

It has been developed for flexibility and reliability with a fixed lens design and the company’s Duracore laser phosphor light source for maintenance free, 24/7 operation.

The ZU510T-W delivers bright image quality, advanced optical components, and what is claimed to be the quietest noise level of any projector in its class. Its fixed lens with 1.8x zoom ratio and horizontal and vertical lens shift provides flexibility to cover a wide range of projection distances and 360° and Portrait Mode installation. Combined with a laser light source and IP5X-certified dust resistance rating for its optical engine, it is a reliable, cost-efficient and low maintenance option that provides up to 20,000 hours of light source operation for boardrooms, university auditoriums, museums, and digital signage.

“The ZU510T-W is the first laser fixed lens projector from Optoma, and the brightest on the market of its kind, filling a specific category need for flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency,” said Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. “As one of the largest selling projector brands in the US and a top three seller in the channel, we continue to focus on providing innovative solutions and maximum flexibility with our ProScene line of projectors.”

Additionally, Optoma has launched an update to its GB-200 image blending and warping processor, the GB-200+ is a dynamic and crucial tool for any professional venue or setup where multiple projectors are being leveraged. The GB200+ offers improved auto stack and blend using Auto Warp software, now bundled with the processor, and a camera that can be purchased separately. With Auto Warp, users can blend on flat and curved surfaces with up to six projectors at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels per projector.

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