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Opticis launches MI-203H-TR

The fibre HDMI extender is capable of extending digital video and audio over distances up to 1.5km.

The M1-203H-TR is HDMI 1.3 compliant and provides lossless transmission from a central source to HDMI displays without frame dropping. Said to be superior to copper-connected Cat5 or 6e, Opticis’s M1-203H-TR handles uncompressed digital video and audio signals over a single fibre with negligible RFI/EMI susceptibility while allowing the user to manage all HDMI performance.

The ‘intelligent’ design provides full compatibility with a broad range of HDMI systems including Opticis’s distributor, selector and matrix router used in conjunction with Samsung, LG and Sony LCD TVs – matching each source output to the target display without the need for any other devices.

The M1-203H-TR combined transmitter and a receiver is designed to multiplex and de-multiplex, encrypt and decrypt HD video and audio, and handle HDCP.