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Ontario Ice Stadium installs Danley OS80s loudspeakers

After the original system suffered from intelligibiltiy problems, Straight Street Event Services opted to install a Danley Sound Labs system concetrated on the OS80s waterproof loudspeakers.

Ontario’s J.D. McArthur Arena, which is home to the Owen Sound Attack ice hockey team, has replaced its existing loudspeakers with fully-weatherised Danley Sound Labs OS80s waterproof loudspeakers.

The 3,500-seat stadium is also home to the Owen Sound Woodsmen of the Ontario Lacrosse Association. Although thoroughly modern in most respects (including private boxes and a restaurant), the arena suffered from a sound reinforcement system with poor intelligibility and impact. To remedy this, Straight Street Event Services of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, was called in to revamp the system.

“The owners of the hockey team wanted a better experience for their ticket holders,” explained Keith Broughton, an independent contractor who led the design and installation on behalf of Straight Street. “The existing system did not provide clear announcements, and the quality and SPL of music playback did not cover all seating areas sufficiently.”

The new system covers the seating area only and was “piggy-backed” onto the existing control system. The Straight Street installation team removed the old loudspeakers and amplifiers and left the rest of the house system as it was. A new Xilica processor conditions the system and feeds three Crest Pro9200 amplifiers. The amplifiers power five sets of four Danley OS-80s each (twenty OS-80s total), and the remaining channel powers a new Danley TH-118 subwoofer mounted over center-ice. Broughton and the Straight Street crew mounted the OS-80s directly on the roof trussing with the included yokes using beam clamps.

Danley included high-grade wire with the weather resistant coupler, and pre-lubricated the hardware, as well as coating the grill with weather resistant film.