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ONELAN grows for 7th successive year

Exports of the company's NTB (Net Top Box) have apparently been a significant contributor to ONLELAN's continuing growth.

ONELAN Digital Signage has announced that it has achieved profitable sales growth for the seventh year in a row with increased NTB sales volumes up 13% from 2010.

The company said that continued export success has been largely responsible, with units shipped remaining strong at 45% of the company’s total as ONELAN continues to extend its global reach.

R&D expenditure has, according to ONELAN, continued to exceed the industry average at 20% of turnover. The company has also strengthened its management team.

“My vision for ONELAN for the years ahead is to provide a broad range of solutions in the digital signage sector that appeal to diverse markets,” said David Dalzell, ONELAN’s Managing Director (pictured). “Our resellers can be confident in the knowledge that we have the resources in place to bring the right solutions to market to support their customer’s future needs.”