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One Systems extends OPALine series at ISE

The OPALine-82 vertical column array loudspeaker and OPA-151SA subwoofer have been launched, under One Systems’ On Point Audio brand.

The OPALine-82 features eight high-output, high-excursion, 2in dynamic transducers. The transducers are spaced closely together to ensure controlled polar lobing and tight pattern control.

One Systems claims the new vertical column array loudspeakers are ideal for applications with challenging acoustic environments that require precise sound placement, including many public spaces.

Switchable input impedance of either 8ohms or 32ohms provides the flexibility needed for distributed systems or performance applications. In 32ohm mode a total of 16 enclosures can be connected to a single amplifier channel (with 2ohm rating) without the need for input transformers.

The new self-powered OPA-151SA subwoofer offers extended bandwidth and additional bass to an assortment of On Point Audio loudspeakers, including the new OPALine-82.

The 15in subwoofer includes a high power active 2,000W Class D amplifier module that features on-board DSP. A variety of user selectable presets including equalisation and delay. It also provides a full 1000W of peak output that may be used to drive a companion top enclosure.

The vented, low frequency enclosure is loaded with a 15in large format woofer with a voice coil design. The filtered output allows the OPA-151SA and other On Point Audio active enclosures to be used in combination to produce a high output, wide bandwidth sound.

For installation, the PSA-82 bracket is designed to allow the OPALine-82 enclosures to be mounted on an OPA-151SA power subwoofer.

The OPALine-82 can be wall mounted with the pan and tilt PTB-82 bracket on any suitable wall structure, while the new TBEC-82 bracket is available to couple a maximum of two OPALine-82 column loudspeakers to form a two-element vertical array.