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Official launch for new Barco 4K cinema projectors

Barco's energetic expansion of its digital cinema business has received further impetus with news of the commercial launch of its new range of 4K resolution projectors.

Barco has announced the commercial launch of its new range of 4K cinema projectors, including the DP4K-32B (for screens up to 32 metres) and the DP4K-23B (screens up to 23 metres). In addition, Barco reported that its Enhanced 4K DP4K-32B projector has obtained DCI certification and that the DP4K-23B will finalise DCI certification soon.

This is the latest in a regular flow of announcements from Barco concerning its digital cinema business. Recent news was featured here and here.

Barco says that the unique features that have made Barco’s DP2K-series a success are also present on the new 4K range, while offering customers even more options to choose from. The DP4K series share the same modular platform as Barco’s DP2K line, enabling customers to easily swap spare parts and keep learning curves short. Moreover, the company claims that, with its patented cooling system, the DP4K-series has the coolest 4K engine in the world, ensuring unrivalled reliability, longer lifetime and a significantly higher light output compared to competing products.

“The new Barco DP4K-series projectors provide premium image quality for premium movie experiences,” said Wim Buyens, senior vice president, entertainment at Barco (pictured). “These two models are an important addition to our existing range of high-quality digital cinema projectors. The DCI-compliance of the 4K models, unique in the market at the moment, means that we have the most complete line of DCI compliant projectors. The many benefits our digital cinema projectors, including spectacular brightness and lowest TCO, allow movie theatres to constantly improve their standards while saving money.”