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Oblong adds entry-level Mezzanine solutions

Oblong has announced an expanded Mezzanine product range with new solutions at a lower price point for smaller collaboration spaces.

Along with hardware and software innovations, Oblong is adding integrations with enterprise utilities including calendaring and Skype for Business. New nomenclature makes it easier for customers and integrators to choose the most appropriate Mezzanine solution for their particular use case. The expanded range includes:

Mezzanine 200 Series (pictured). This dual screen configuration is for small to medium sized teaming rooms. Concurrent viewing of up to 10 shared devices, gestural interaction, and real-time control by multiple participants are now available.

Mezzanine 300 Series. While traditional conferencing systems provide only one content channel, Mezzanine 300 offers a three-screen configuration, enabling richer collaboration around multi-stream content.

Mezzanine 600 Series. The Mezzanine 600 accelerates consensus and confidence during collaborative work sessions by making all the decision factors visible and accessible. The three-screen primary workspace can be shared across locations, and the three-screen secondary workspace for those in the room. This six-screen Mezzanine configuration features new spatial tracking technology that requires no room remediation; new in-room server options reduce cost and installation complexity.

Mezzanine 650 Series. Oblong’s original immersive solution for larger architectural spaces is extensible for a more immersive interactive environment. With extensive display wall expandability and extra ‘corkboard’ interactive surfaces on multiple walls, Mezzanine 650 supplies the space to tell truly expansive and engaging stories, or to display all the factors involved in a complex project or business challenge.

Oblong’s CEO John Underkoffler commented: “We take pride in our culture of continual innovation and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. To meet the demand for more flexible solutions, we’ve evolved the Mezzanine product family to provide a full range of offerings to the market. We’re especially excited to introduce the 200 Series and its more accessible price tag, as well as features like Mezzanine platform integration with Skype for Business. The newly expanded Mezzanine portfolio enables more people in the workplace to benefit from Oblong’s technology and become more creative, collaborative and productive.”