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NuVo’s new preamplifier increases options for Portfolio line

Residential audio specialist NuVo has launched the P300 Player Preamplifier, which comes as the newest addition to the company’s Player Portfolio multiroom system of wired and wireless audio components.

The P300 Player Preamplifier adds depth and versatility to the entire Portfolio line by giving users still more installation options. It turns any standalone amplifier or receiver into a fully controllable zone within the NuVo system, providing access to the Portfolio’s Internet Radio and networked audio content and delivering that content to specialised components, such as amps and receivers that serve higher power speakers.

“The P300 Player Preamplifier fills an important role in making the NuVo Player Portfolio a solution that fits any scenario,” said Walt Zerbe, product manager, NuVo. “It adds to the system’s inherent flexibility, adding another option for converting existing amps and receivers into a streaming digital audio content device as part of a home’s NuVo Player Portfolio system.”

With both wireless and wired installation options, the P300 further adds to its flexibility with traditional analog line level input/output and Mini-TOSLINK fibre optic digital input/output through convenient 3.5mm combination jacks. These combination jacks, unique to the NuVo P300, offer easy integration with the latest televisions and A/V receivers, increasing the number of home entertainment scenarios in which it can be introduced.

The P300 Player Preamplifier is designed with a small form factor (1.5in high x 5.73in wide x 3.56in dimeter) for easy placement.