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Norwegian performing arts centre opens with Harman

Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Norway is equipped with an extensive Harman audio equipment including JBL VerTec line array elements, Crown CTs Series amplifiers and a Soundcraft Vi6 console to supply quality audio for a variety of performances.

The multi-million pound Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristians, Norway has recently opened with a substantial Harman audio system. An array of Harman equipment was installed across four halls at the 15,000sqm super facility to meet the demanding and varying sound requirements of the venue – playing host to prestigious performances including the Kristrain Symphony Orchestra, Agder Regional Theatre and Opera SØR. ALA Architects of Finland designed the complex for simultaneous use of the four halls. The Concert Hall seats up to 1,185 people and required a compact line array equipped with 24 JBL VerTec VTA488DP-DAs, a centre cluster of two JBL VP7212/64DP-DA and one JBL VP7212/95DP-DA powered loudspeaker. Eight more JBL VPSB7118DP loudspeakers were installed complemented by four JBL AC28 and 14 JBL AC2212/00compact loudspeakers. The sound requirements of the space were completed with four JBL AC26 ulta-compact loudspeakers, which use Crown CTs amplifiers. All processing was completed in a BSS Soundweb London environment, with front of house mixing via a Soundcraft Vi6. Slightly smaller, the Theatre accommodates 750 seats, and needed 32 VerTec VT4886 subcompact speakers powered by Crown VRack systems to achieve desired sound. Along with a centre cluster comprised of two JBL VP7212/95 DP-DA and one JBL VP7212/64DP-DA powered loudspeaker. In addition to this, eight JBL AC26 ultra-compact loudspeakers and 12 JBL 8350 cinema surround loudspeakers were used to round out the system, powered by Crown CTs amplifiers. The same Soundweb components were installed as in the Concert Hall, along with another Soundcraft Vi6.
The Multi Hall was equipped with three JBL VP7212/95DP-DA powered loudspeakers, two JBL VPSB7118DP powered subwoofers, BSS BLU800 and BLU120 digital signal routers and a Soundcraft Vi4 digital mixing desk.
Audio capablities in the Small Auditorium was satisfied with a pair each of JBL VP7212/95DP-DA powered loudspeakers and VPSB7118DP powered subwoofers, complemented by a BSS BLU800 and BSS BLU 120, and Soundcraft Vi1 (along with Vi6 stage box).
 Monitoring resources for all stages incorporated the use of 24 JBL VP7212MDP powered stage monitors, 14 JBL VP7210/95DP, 10 JBL AC15 ultra-compact loudspeakers, a Crown CTs 8200 amplifier and a Soundcraft Vi6 desk.
 In addition to these, LydRommet, the territorial distributor, fitted a 5.1 recording studio and control room with five JBL LSR6328P studio monitors and an LSR6312SP studio monitor subwoofer. The room also features a Soundcraft Vi4 desk and BSS BLU100 processing. The control room can pick up the MADI from the mixers in each of the four halls to record performances. Patching can be either manual, or via an RME MADI bridge if also routed to either of the two OB vehicles outside, for which provision has been made in LydRommet’s cabling architecture.

The central sound distribution consists of a BSS BLU800 and BSS BLU120, with four BSS BLU16, and 50 JBL Control 25AV surface-mount loudspeakers. Kilden also features 30 channels of AKG DMS 700 wireless microphone systems.
 “The client asked for half-year adjustments to make the solution work in the best way defined for the job,” explained LydRommet project manager Alf Christian Hvidsteen. “This allowed us to optimise the system and make full use of the integrated solutions that Harman can provide.”