Nobel Conference arena gets Meyer Sound loudspeaker system

The Gustavus Adolphus College Arena in Minnesota, host of the 50th Nobel Conference, has been equipped with a new Meyer Sound loudspeaker system.
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meyer sound-lund arena

The Gustavus Adolphus College Arena in Minnesota has been equipped with a new Meyer Sound loudspeaker system. The 1,500-capacity Lund Arena has hosted a range of functions including ice hockey games and the 50th Nobel Conference – marking the arena out as the first ongoing educational conference in the US to have authorisation of the Nobel Foundation in Sweden.

“With the Meyer Sound system, we have controlled and uniform sound everywhere, with ample full-bandwidth power and exceptional speech intelligibility,” said Matt Dobosenki, the college’s event technical services coordinator. “With the old system, the sound would build up, overexcite the room and lose coherence. Now it’s clean and has plenty of punch, but it’s never overbearing.”

The solution selected was a remotely powered system featuring IntelligentDC, the Meyer Sound technology that combines self-powered loudspeakers with Class 2 wiring. A single, five-conductor cable carries remote power and balanced audio signal to the loudspeakers from a rack-mount power supply and signal distribution unit.

Jon Young, CEO of Heroic Productions, who provided and installed the sound system, explained: “We can provide the sound quality you can only get from a self-powered, bi-amplified system, but we don’t need 60 new AC runs up on the roof beams. And with individual control of each speaker, we have total flexibility in zoning the system and balancing the levels. And if the operators want to turn the volume up in the student section twice as loud as the parent section, that’s easily done.”

The Meyer Sound models chosen for the audio upgrade include 19 UPM-1XP loudspeakers spaced over the ice floor, 20 UPJunior-XP VariO loudspeakers covering the spectator stands, and 16 UMS-1XP subwoofers, while eight UP-4XP loudspeakers cover an adjacent hallway.

Handling system drive, optimisation and zoning is a Galileo loudspeaker management system with two Galileo 616 processors.