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Next stop – intelligent digital signage

The intelligent digital advertising solution, which uses facial recognition to display gender-based advertising content, has received both positive and negative feedback.

In a first for the UK, facial-recognition technology has been used to deliver digitally displayed ‘intelligent advertising’ .

The ‘intelligent ads’ system, which is currently running at a bus stop on Oxford Street, incorporates a high-definition camera that scans passers-by and determines gender by analysing facial characteristics. With a reported 90% accuracy, advertising content is then presented according to whether the person is male or female.

At a cost of around £30,000, the ad was commissioned by children’s charity Plan UK for its “Because I am a Girl” – a campaign aimed at helping to ensure girls are educated in the world’s poorest countries – and was made possible by Clear Channel UK, an out of home and outdoor advertising solutions company.

The technology brings a whole new dimension to digital signage, with Japan and America already demonstrating the technology.

Among other companies using this technology is NEC, which presented its Leaf Engine and Vukunet technologies at ISE. The company is currently using the facial recognition technology to collect information on age range and gender of customers across shops in Japan. Meanwhile the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, has used digital displays to tailor recommendations to passers-by.

Clear Channel UK are said to be in talks with numerous other clients to support further advertising campaigns this year with its system.