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Nexo ‘super-compact’ ID Series debuts in Hippodrome theatre

Nexo’s new ID24 super-compact loudspeaker has been installed for the first time in the 2,000-seater Hippodrome theatre in Bristol, UK. Used as under-balcony fills, 24x ID24s form part of a high-specification system brought in by Orbital Sound.

The ID Series has been specified alongside a STM M28 modular line array for main PA, augmented by GEO M6 compact line array modules for upper balcony.

Orbital MD Chris Headlam describes the ID24 as “a latest generation product from the modern era of loudspeaker modelling. The ID24 has a user-rotatable horn, providing 60° or 120° HF coverage; at 120°, it is ideal for our delay/under-balcony/infill applications in the theatre auditorium.”

The compact ID24 cabinet contains twin 4in drivers in combination with an HF compression driver offering two preset directivity options. Since the box can be mounted vertically or horizontally, this effectively gives the user four different directivities in a cabinet that is 310mm wide x 132mm high.

Headlam commented: “Vocal projection is very important and these cabinets sound natural even at high SPL. Nexo has made it easier for theatre sound designers; the ID24 is small enough, powerful enough and light enough for use in multiple applications. In Bristol, we’re using two different Nexo line arrays with the ID compacts, and as a rental supplier, I’m impressed by the ‘family sound’ that makes all these loudspeakers sound so cohesive as a system.”

Orbital Sound is also making extensive use of Nexo’s compact line array system, the GEO M6, featuring as the main PA in two other major British theatres, the Royal Opera House in Manchester (1,800-seats) and the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury (1,200-seats).

At the Marlowe Theatre, with two balconies, Orbital has installed six arrays of GEO M6; six-a-side lines at performer level, three-a-side at upper stage level for Balcony 1 and with left/right six-cabinet arrays flown over the proscenium arch to address Balcony 2. In Manchester’s Royal Opera House, the GEO M6 is deployed in left/right 12-cabinet arrays.

Nexo sound reinforcement