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News in pictures 27 July 2011

Hats off to ETC at Milan exhibition; Sound performance from Danley; Robert Juliat stars in Slovenian theatre; Onelan serves up tasty solution

Creating a celebration of light, designer Paul Cocksedge has used 80 ETC Selador Classic Ice fixtures in an exhibition space as part of the Salone del Mobile home furnishing exhibition in Milan.

The project involved projecting light from the blue part of the colour spectrum from concealed Selador fixtures onto a the 25m long, curved, white wall extension of a lighting showroom in the heart of Milan’s design district; when visitors viewed the wall through a red light shade, a previously hidden video of a car appeared to the viewer.

Cocksedge worked with Adam Bennette at ETC to achieve the desired effect. “The car is invisible until when you view it from inside a shade,” says Bennette, technical director at ETC. “For this effect to work, we needed to have a very specific cyan blue. ETC Selador fixtures, with their x7 Color System, have three different shades of blue LEDs in them – cyan, blue and indigo – which can create very specific and pure shades with a very high degree of saturation, whereas many other manufacturers’ fixtures make intermediate shades by mixing only green, blue and red.”

Poland’s Spodek arena now boasts a new sound system, with abundant fidelity and volume delivered by 12 Danley Jericho Horns, two Danley Genesis Horns, and several dozen Danley subwoofers and full-range cabinets.

Piotr Pronko, head of Natural Sound Service and Danley Sound Mission Europe, designed the system for Spodek, along with the adjacent Ice Arena and the outdoor video screen. Trias integrated and installed the A/V system, including the design of a spectacular 100-square meter screen outside and another spectacular 90-square meter wrapped screen inside the arena.

Twelve Danley Jericho Horns (JH-90) and two Danley Genesis Horns (GH-60) comprise the main system for the main arena. Both models deliver powerful single point source performance across the audible frequency range. The well-defined beam widths of the Jericho and Genesis Horns allowed Pronko to aim specific boxes at specific seating sections, with virtually seamless transitions at their edges. As such, the Horns form an exploded circle around the arena’s central screen. Each one is separately controlled and voiced, and each is self-powered. Two Danley TH-215 and six Danley TH-118 subwoofers provide the system with an almost limitless bottom end.

KSL Studio, Robert Juliat’s Slovenian distributor, has supplied 40 Robert Juliat 614SX 1200W tungsten profile spots to the National Theatre Nova Gorica in Slovenia, where they will be the main workhorses for the theatre’s varied programme.

“We proposed the Robert Juliat profiles to the theatre which was looking to update its stock of front of house profiles,” says KSL’s general manager Bostjan Konic. “The technical staff tried them on site and agreed that they were the best product on offer.”

All of the theatre’s front of house profile spots have now been replaced by the Robert Juliat zoom fixtures.

Ravintolamestarit Oy, Finland, established the Isä Camillo restaurant and bar in 1997 and has since grown into a chain of seven restaurants in Kuopio city. The company was looking for new and innovative ways to market its business and has invested in digital signage from Onelan to create a new image for their restaurants.

Ravintolamestarit has installed one Net Top Box (NTB) 510 publisher unit and six NTB 510 subscriber units. The digital signage is managed and controlled using Onelan’s Digital Signage Manager (DSM).

The content has been created by Ad Kiiwi as well as Ravintolamestarit. Advertising is focused for different customer groups. Staff in each restaurant update information such as lunchtime menus and offers on an adhoc basis. Advertising and other content (images, videos, press releases etc) are updated centrally every week by Ravintolamestarit. Each screen also has an RSS news feed showing local news.