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News in pictures 24 November 2010

Barco presents magical festival of lights for 2010 Asian Games; Martin’s Wavefront at the Waterside; Robe and Anolis bring cities to life at Russian pavilion for World Expo; Onelan is first past the post at Jockey Plaza.

The opening ceremony of the 16th Asian Games was held on Haixinsha Island on 12 November. Barco presented a magical festival of lights on the water stage for the exciting ceremony.

For the opening ceremony’s water theme, the 2000 m² main stage was covered by water 10 centimeters deep, and four mighty sailing ships, with a total of eight LED velamena, were set around the stage. Barco and BeiAo, one of China’s largest event planners and executors, had placed 16 XLM HD30 projectors around the 10,000-person audience area, projecting a dazzling array of lights onto the huge water-stage. As the velamena opened under the stunning light, the audience felt as though it was on a huge ship sailing east.

“We are greatly honored to participate in this grand event,” said Fei Yan, general director of Barco Greater China: “This isn’t the first time a large number of Barco 30,000 lumen HD projectors have been used in sports events, but this is the first time for Barco at such a world stage event in China.”

When Northern Light won a competitive tender to provide an advanced technical infrastructure for the new £35 million Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, the company set out to design a fully-integrated system that was versatile, reconfigurable and provided the facility to carry out remote system diagnostics over a LAN via the resident PC.

Working to a specification devised by Carr & Angier Theatre Consultants, evenly dispersed sound was of paramount importance, since there are three audience tiers (including fixed-seating balcony and upper balcony levels), and optional ground floor seating wagons to enable the 1200-seat auditorium to convert into a larger 1800-capacity standing space.

Thus Northern Light project manager Simon Cooper decided to base his sound reinforcement solution around Martin Audio’s purpose-designed Wavefront theatre systems.

For the primary system, he chose 14 purpose designed WT3 Arrayable 3-way compact theatre enclosures. These are designed in three vertical pairs on either side of the proscenium arch, focused onto each balcony, with a single enclosure at the base. The proscenium system is complemented by a centre cluster of seven W3P arrayable compact enclosures to provide true L/C/R imaging, while two WS18X subs, either side of the stage, add LF extension.

Providing stage fills are Martin Audio WT15s, while high up the building four WT2s and a pair of S18(F) subs are mounted on the second lighting bridge to form the delay system for the second balcony. Finally, under-balcony support is provided by Martin Audio’s C6.8T ceiling speakers — six on each level.

Driving the main PA system are dedicated Martin Audio amplifiers, situated in a rack room close to the proscenium arch in order to reduce cable runs. These consist of 13 x MA5.2K, 2 x MA12K and 1 x MA1.3s, while the Martin Audio ceiling speakers reside on a separate circuit.

Over 100 Robe moving lights and 500 Anolis LED fixtures were supplied by Moscow based Light Sound Contractor (LSC) for the “Colorful Neighborhoods for a Better City” area of the Russian Federation Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo.

This magical and enchanted space was designed by Boris Krasnov. It followed an all-Russian schools competition to illustrate what the best cities of the future might look like. Ideas were selected from 300 pieces submitted by 50 schools of arts and paint shops from across Russia.

The dramatic theatrical setting included classic scenic fairytale castles, giant fruits and flowers and windmills, juxtaposed with modern video booths and interactive exhibits highlighting young ideas about town planning, urban development and how cities can be enjoyed and also play a vital part in building communities and commerce. Guests started at the top and wound their way downwards, towards a water feature full of outsized water lilies at the bottom.

The 122 moving lights were a combination of Robe’s ColorSpot and ColorWash 700E ATs – dotted all around the space illuminating all elements of the set in rich and vibrant colours.

The numerous Anolis LED elements – a mix of ArcLine Outdoor Optic, ArcSource Outdoor 36 RGB, ArcLink Optic 3, ArcLink 3 RGB, ArcSource Outdoor 6 RGB and ArcPad 48 RGBW fixtures plus associated ArcPower drivers were fixed to both levels of the ground support. They were also embedded in the floor and around the bases of the different scenic sections, and in some cases inbuilt into the set pieces themselves.

LG Electronics wanted to successfully brand their products using digital signage at the Jockey Plaza shopping centre, one of the largest and most popular shopping malls in Lima, Peru. They chose digital signage as they felt it would be an excellent tool for their marketing purposes as it attracts potential customers’ attention through dynamic media content. Furthermore it is an exciting new technology for Peru.

The system required by LG Electronics needed to be reliable, and controllable through a Local Area Network (LAN) as well as remotely via a Wide Area Network (WAN).

48 LCD Monitors are tiled together placed one next to each other around a 50 meter circular perimeter at Jockey Plaza, creating a 360 degree media illusion.

There are three groups:

• One Onelan Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5505 player drives a group of 20 monitors in 5×4 video wall mode
• One Onelan NTB60 player drives two groups of four monitors in 4×1 video wall mode
• One Onelan NTB5505 player drives the last group of 20 monitors in 5×4 video wall mode.