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News in pictures 13 July 2011

Those summer nights with Robe; Royal flush from Symetrix; Towering display from Barco LiveDots; Onelan at the Ministry

Lighting designer Helmut Krammer used over 100 Robe fixtures for the 2011 Summer Night Concert, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra in the beautiful Baroque gardens at Schönbrunn Palace, one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria, which created a stunning backdrop. The event was attended by 150,000 people and broadcast by ORF to approximately 60 other countries.

Krammer’s challenges included lighting the huge area being used to stage the event, creating a sense of spectacle, illuminating the orchestra in an appropriate way for both broadcast and live audience, and generally bringing additional magic, ambience and wow factors to the performance with the lighting, some of which was required to cover very wide distances.

The Robe kit – a mixture of moving lights and units from its LED series – included 20 CitySkape Xtremes, 12 ColorWash 2500E ATs, 30 ColorSpot 1200E ATs, 20 ColorWash 1200E ATs and 24 x ColorBeam 2500E ATs.

The units were deployed in five different areas for the show: two ballet stages; the area behind the main stage; the roof of the main stage and then finally to the left and right sides of the main stage.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand is home to the country’s Ministry of Defence, in addition to the upper echelon from each of the military’s three branches. Although office space occupies most of the building, a number of boardrooms, conference and war rooms require first-rate sound reinforcement.

The Ministry has called on Thai AV Systems contractor Fuzion Far East to improve the sound quality in the building’s function room. Fuzion relied on a Symetrix Jupiter 8 “zero learning curve” signal processor to deliver stellar quality and functionality with minimal setup time and at a very competitive price.

The design is elegant in its simplicity and power. Fuzion Far East installed Nexo loudspeakers in the ceiling, including four PS8s, one PS8TD-V3, and two LS400s. Two Quest QM12MP stage monitors provide fold-back while minimising feedback. Three Quest QA3004 two-channel amplifiers deliver abundant power to the loudspeakers. Inputs include existing microphones, a DVD player, a dedicated notebook computer, and a tie-in for a visiting computer. Six Coemar Ribala500 halogen lights illuminate the stage and provide a professional polish to the visual aesthetic that complements the sound system.

The Symetrix Jupiter 8 is one of three hardware configurations in the Jupiter Series and provides eight inputs and eight outputs. The unit accepts all of the input sources at the headquarters’ function room to deliver equalization, limiting, mixing, and feedback suppression using the Gain-sharing Automixer 1 app.

Barco LiveDots, a Barco company, has partnered with Beijing Fortune Investment Management Co to embellish Beijing’s Blue Island Tower with a new high-tech outdoor LED display. The 407 sq metre screen is powered by the latest TF-20 outdoor display system, which produces excellent display effects while ensuring environmental protection and safety.

The base of Blue Island Tower’s LED display is a full 32 metres above the ground, which requires an exceptional angle of visibility to allow viewing from close range. To meet this challenge, Barco LiveDots applied its LED encapsulation technology, tilting the LEDs downward towards the viewers. This technology gives the millions of LED lights a consistent downward angle of visibility and visual range, while also decreasing light pollution.

Barco LiveDots provided an integrated solution for Blue Island Tower’s LED display, comprising the LED display, an optical fiber transmission system, a power supply system, and design and installation of the steel structure.

From display screen to processors, the TF-20 display system uses high-level 16-bit processing technology in addition to exclusive mask processing technology. The result is said to be twice the clarity and vibrancy of colours and images that similar products can offer, providing the audience with a superior visual experience.

Spain’s Ministry for Science and Innovation (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) in Madrid required a new, innovative and modern solution for its communications. At the same time, the Ministry wanted to give its reception area a contemporary, hi-tech image in keeping with its activities.

The result is the installation of a digital signage solution comprising Onelan Net-Top-Box (NTB) Millenium 5500s, supplied by RPS Audiovisuales, Onelan’s Spanish distributor.

The Ministry wanted to provide a better more interactive service, and did not wish to use printed brochures alone to achieve this. By installing a six-screen video wall with a movement sensor, visitors are able to see relevant information without necessarily having to ask employees on reception. Onelan digital signage with interactive touch screens was installed to allow visitors to easily find information relating to particular projects they are interested in.

The Ministry also wanted to entertain visitors while they waited in reception, and so two 52-inch screens have been placed in the reception area, showing Ministry information and videos, in addition to some advertising and local news.