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News in pictures 12 January 2011

All lights on Uppsala 2010; Mirrorballs transform central atrium of Selfridges’ store; Artcoustic sounds and looks good in Copenhagen; Welsh college adopts Onelan for campus communication.

In 2008 a new lighting event took place in Uppsala, Sweden in which various objects around the city – buildings, statues and trees – were illuminated by different lighting designers and architects.

A guided tour of 4 km was created to view the lighting installations, an event that took great care in promoting the city after dark. The event also promoted public health by getting people out at night to walk around and experience the town in a different light.

As the project was greatly appreciated and was a huge success, the Uppsala Municipality decided to make the event a biennial celebration, therefore reoccurring in 2010.

One of the key sites of 2010 was the old mill in Uppsala’s city centre and the water surrounding it. Sound, light and video company Kreativ Teknik of Uppsala has transformed the area into a dynamic coloured adventure with music and sound effects. With a theme of “The Four Seasons,” the site moves from winter through spring and summer to autumn, all to the music of Antonio Vivaldi in a seven-minute, preprogrammed, automated show.

Trees, water, facade, grass and a small waterfall were lit by LED lighting and Martin Exterior series image projectors. 150 W Exterior 200s were mounted inside the mill, illuminating the passing water, with 575 W Exterior 600s lighting up the waterfall and surrounding water. 1200 W Exterior 1200s were used to wash the facade, as well as to project flower gobos and create a burning fire at the end of the autumn portion.

The entire show was programmed and timecoded on a Martin Maxxyz lighting console and later saved to a showstore in order to be fully automated from 16.00-24.00 every evening. The lighting event ran from the 29 October to the 29 November.

Entertainment lighting supplier White Light has transformed the atrium of Selfridges’ central London store for the Christmas period.

This enormous space has been brought to life by the installation of a collection of enormous mirrorballs, precisely lit to twinkle magically and sending moving facets of light into every part of the store.

For this project, it was decided that the normal rotation of the mirrorballs wasn’t enough: they also travel up and down through the atrium, courtesy of TRG Rigging. White Light’s team therefore installed moving lights around the outside of the atrium, programmed to follow the movement of each ball.

Installation work took place over five nights. Coemar’s Infinity Spot M was chosen for its high light output within a smart compact unit. The fixtures were controlled using a grandMA lighting console; this was initiated by Selfridges’ building management system in the morning, and the four-minute show was then scheduled throughout the day using the console’s built-in Agenda feature.

This beautiful contemporary restaurant in Tivoli, Copenhagen boasts a sound system to match the aesthetics.

Various Artcoustic loudspeakers have been installed at the Sticks N Sushi restaurant to get a perfect balance. Diablo Monitors, Diablo Targets and Superstar Passives are all used to provide a rich sonic ambience, whilst Pantone matched screen prints make them look part of the decor.

Merthyr Tydfil College originally had a standalone digital signage player which was just used in the college library. They needed a new digital signage system to provide information college-wide, including news, messages and important announcements. Onelan emerged as the best solution able to deliver what they required: a system where more than one user could upload information, which could be time scheduled, that used common file formats and offered great flexibility in the layout design of the screens.

Two Onelan Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5500s are used to publish content to Century NTBs located across the college campus driving 46-inch Samsung screens and a 32-inch LG screen. Signage is situated on each of the four floors of the college. In the library, a NTB 5500 is connected to a 40-inch LG screen. In the main reception there is a 50-inch screen.

Onelan’s power-saving techniques enable a system to be scheduled to shut down and reboot the screens which benefits Merthyr Tydfil’s sustainability policy. It reduces the printing of posters and leaflets, saving on printing and paper costs.