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New window of opportunity for Crestron, after adding Shades to UK portfolio

Crestron hoping to light up the electronic shades market with its one button solution

Crestron hoping to light up the electronic shades market with its one button solution 

AV manufacturer Crestron has added electronic shading to its UK product portfolio following a successful launch in the US.

Crestron, who describes itself as “experts in home and lifestyle technology”, made the announcement during an intimate gathering at its Chelsea Harbour Design Centre Smart-Home showroom, located on the banks of the River Thames, London this week.

The shades, which were first launched in the US five-years ago, will be targeted towards both consumers and business customers alike – with offices and hotels amongst those mentioned.

“We are really excited to launch a new solution to our portfolio, which is shading,” said Crestron media relations director Petra van Meeuwen.

The “luxury” and “whisper quiet” electronic motorised shades (blinds and drapery) are designed to allow precise control of natural light and are controlled using a multi-purpose Crestron control panel or personal mobile device.

Shades can be set to adjust at specific times of the day (collectively or individually), such as opening in the morning, semi-close when sun light, glare and heat are a problem, or to close at night when, for example, the office is closed. Users can also create and save a number of different lighting scenarios (such as closing when using a projector), which can be activated at the touch of a button.

Machine learning technology also allows shades to open and close automatically without manual interference based on previous usage habits. This, Crestron explained, can help boost security levels when the space is empty.

“Overtime, these products end up selling themselves,” commented Shading “expert” Charlie Derk, technology manager of Crestron Shades, who had flown in from New York especially for the launch. “When people live with, not only the motorised blinds and curtains, but also things like lighting controls, they realise the value they provide and can’t live without it. It’s like the move from manual to electric windows in your car.”

Various fabrics and multiple layers (single and dual) are available to help provide different lighting scenarios such as transparent (for privacy, but still light), translucent (partial block) and total blackout.

Customers can also choose a non-motorised Crestron Shading option, with the ability to upgrade at a later date, without having to replace their existing installed kit.

Crestron is also offering lifetime warranty on the latest generation of motors.

“Technology has changed drastically over the years,” concluded Charlie. “Things like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are things that have come up over the last year and have really changed the way people experience their homes and offices. More and more people are interacting with their homes (and offices) in an automatic way. Crestron Shades falls into this space.”