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New multichannel amps from Cloud

The VTX Series is a range of high-powered multichannel amplifiers.

Designed for low-maintenance applications, the VTX Series features three power level variants: VTX4120, VTX4240 and VTX4400 offering 4 x 120W, 4 x 240W and 4 x 400W, respectively, into 4 ohms. The three 2U rack-mounting designs benefit from ‘studio-quality’ VCA input modules offering remote level control (RL-1) as standard and featuring a switched hi-pass filter (18dB/oct below 65Hz) for each channel.

In addition, the designs offer extensive protection against short-circuit and reactive loads, clipping, DC and overheating. According to Cloud, the range also delivers a ‘best-in-class’ crosstalk figure of >90dB, making it virtually noise-free across all channels at any volume.

All three models are configurable for four-channel, dual stereo or mono use and include balanced line level inputs with gain trim control.