New HD VC pair from AverComm

The H100 and H300 videoconferencing systems are aimed at education and business applications.
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AverMedia has launched the AVerComm H Series of HD videoconferencing systems.

The AVerComm H100 HD system provides full videoconferencing facilities at 720p resolution with a projector-applicable table hub design, 5MP PTZ camera and two-way content sharing from laptops, doc-cams or other input devices. The H100 package includes the H100 codec, AVerComm H camera, speakerphone tabletop hub, microphone pod, remote control and camera mount for LCD TV.

The H300 is an integrated HD videoconference system offering four-way multipoint conferencing, two-way content sharing, snapshot sharing and meeting recording. It supports dual-screen display, allowing users to simultaneously view shared content on one screen and live images on the other. The H100 and H300 are both compatible with all end-point devices supporting the H.323 protocol and H.239 for content sharing.