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New digital signage cabinets from SMS are secure, robust

The new housings for digital signage display feature Hammerglass, drill-proof locks and UV protection.

SMS Smart Media Solutions has announced availability of its new digital signage solution in the form of the SMS Media Cabinet Indoor Wall and the related Totem. They are designed for business premises and other indoor locations where the stream of visitors places high demands on the media equipment, and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, or stand on the floor.

These products are, said SMS, intended for exhibitors who seek a solution with high security, reliability and the ability to blend into any surroundings. The products have already been installed at 23 Swedish central railway stations – environments that feature not only these locations present not only a constant stream of passengers but also historical and sensitive buildings.

Displays are protected in the cabinets behind unbreakable Hammerglass, a scratch-resistant polycarbonate material said to be 300 times stronger than glass and that can withstand most types of chemical and acid attack. UV protection prevents the glass becoming cloudy or faded. The standard equipment also includes drill-proof security locks and a robust black or white cover that protects against external damage. Despite the high security, the cabinet is claimed to be very easy to install: it is preassembled at the factory and only needs to be mounted oHammergalss, r positioned in the desired location. The display is then installed and the cabinet locked.

SMS manufactures these products to order for each customer.