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New Barco projector for mid-sized events

Barco has introduced a new projector for the rental/staging market which is said to be smaller and consume less power than might be expected for its 14,000 lumens output.

Barco has announced a new 3-chip DLP platform specifically designed for mid-sized event venues. The HDX-W14 is described by the company as a 3D projector with advanced image processing, increased and easy control options, and a compact design.

The HDX-W14 comes with 14,000 lumens of brightness, WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution and active 3D capabilities. It features controls through a user-friendly, built-in LCD screen with a preview mode, and control options through wired and wireless IP. Furthermore, users can control the projector through new technologies such as tablet PCs and smart phones.

“The development of the HDX was heavily influenced by three key areas where Barco has gained considerable expertise,” said Chris Colpaert, strategic marketing director of Barco’s pro AV business. “We carried over our experience in 3D from our digital cinema portfolio and fused it with our intimate knowledge of what the events industry will expect from projectors now and in the coming years. For example, the HDX is compatible with the 3G protocol, gearing it up for lightning-fast, future video transmission.”

“The HDX also makes use of Barco’s advanced image processing capabilities found in our benchmark ImagePRO,” he continued. “This boosts creativity and decreases the time it takes to get sources on screen the way users want. In addition, the HDX is equipped with native blending and geometry correction for unusual screen shapes and sizes.”

While it is designed as a heavy-duty 3-chip DLP projector, Barco’s HDX platform is said to be 25% more compact than comparable solutions, and to consume up to 30% less power. Its modular design, consisting of just five building blocks, was conceived for quick servicing, according to the company.

“The HDX builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the SLM-R12+ projector, which has long been one of our most successful and reliable products in the events market,” concluded Colpaert. “So when we designed the HDX, we knew we had to offer a product that was just as good. By making the HDX line smarter, more compact and more feature-rich, I think we succeeded in doing just that.”