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NDI comes to Microsoft Teams; Crestron launches ONE app; Powersoft helps integrators

It's a busy tech round up today, as Vizrt announces its NDI tech is now integrated for Teams meetings, Crestron launches ONE meeting control app, Powersoft updates tools for integrators, and Radial's PZ-Pro preamp sets sail (is shipping)

NDI technology now in Microsoft Teams 

Vizrt’s NDI has announced that NDI technology is now integrated with Microsoft Teams, which will allow for more versatile video workflows for Teams meetings. The company said that it was a significant move for businesses creating video content at a time when video continues to be the leading communications vehicle for companies facilitating internal and external messaging. Broadcast engineers will now be able to access the video feed of Teams meeting participants, the screensharing feed, and Together Mode.

“Microsoft Teams is the forerunner of video conferencing technology globally. Integrating NDI into Teams dramatically expands the visual storytelling power of the platform,” expalined Michael Namatinia, president of NDI for the Vizrt Group. “As we all seek to expand and refine our video capabilities, NDI combined with Teams gives storytellers a new frontier of creative possibilities waiting to be explored.”

Installation readers will have read a lot about NDI technology this week, being the most widely adopted IP-based video delivery standard in the world. The integration of NDI into Teams offers a high quality, seamless transition from any video stream and means that single or multiple Teams meeting attendees can easily be added into any production, each as a unique camera source.

We found this helpful Vimeo-video, put together by the NDI team, to provide some further insight…

Crestron launches ONE workplace control app

Crestron has announced the launch of its Crestron ONE app with mobile room control, that enables ‘touchless’ workplace meeting room control from any personal device. The company states that the app empowers employee wayfinding, room automation, and content sharing from personal devices, facilitating touchless room management. 

“At Crestron, it was time to bring intuitive functionality and simple room control into the workplace,” said Daniel Jackson, Crestron’s senior director of digital workplace products. “It is critical now more than ever to make the workplace as safe as possible to ensure that returning employees can utilise collaboration technology effectively and securely. This solution helps further our goal of offering Crestron customers a safe return to work during the global pandemic and beyond.”

Crestron ONE can be connected to Crestron TSW 60-Series touch screens via Bluetooth connection to ensure compliance with customers’ global IT security standards, and for a consistent experience from any mobile device for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other shared workspaces. 

“We understand that companies are faced with myriad tasks and are working with a broad range of HR, real estate management, and AV and IT support staff,” said Stijn Ooms, Director Product Strategy AV and Digital Workplace at Crestron. “Our team has worked diligently to bring the Crestron ONE mobile room control experience to market, delivering the highest standards of security and simplicity that we require from our mobile devices.”

Powersoft ‘redefines’ fixed install tools for integrators

Powersoft has said that the latest update to its ArmoníaPlus software will give system integrators the tools to manage even the most intricate of fixed installation projects through its dedicated Install Skin. The company says that the new version “redefines what Powersoft amplifiers are capable of, delivering a plethora of new features and streamlining existing ones”.

The new toolset, ArmoníaPlus 2.0, was unveiled yesterday and is aimed at simplifying fixed installation projects for integrators. It will maintain the same structure of the original version but has been updated to reflect the requirements for sources and zones management with customisable user interfaces and controls in the new Views Designer.

Marc Kocks, business development manager and application engineering manager, said: “We are very proud to be launching a system that allows the user to control a complete audio system from our DSP- and Dante-enabled amplifiers. We have based this new development on the feedback from many system integrators that have already successfully applied our products in various installations around the world. We believe the new features will allow them to be even more successful and competitive.”

The new ArmoníaPlus 2.0 will be available for download on October 2nd. Online webinars for in-depth information and training sessions will be made available starting on October 7th via the Powersoft website.

Radial’s PZ-Pro preamp range now shipping 

The latest product in Radial Engineering’s Acoustic Series line of instrument preamps, the PZ-Pro, is now shipping, the company has announced.

The Radial PZ-Pro is a two-channel instrument preamp, DI, and switcher that enables control over tone, EQ settings, and effects. Each channel on the PZ-Pro features a separate equaliser strip with a filter section to reduce feedback on stage.

The second channel of the PZ-Pro also features a microphone input while three footswitches allow users to toggle between each input channel, activate a built-in booster and an effects loop, or mute the signal for silent tuning on stage. The Acoustic Series line includes a range of preamps for acoustic instrumentalists, including the AC-Driver, PZ-Deluxe, PZ-Pre, and now, the PZ-Pro 2-Channel Acoustic Preamp.

“The new PZ-Pro further expands our Acoustic Series line of preamps, bringing increased tone-shaping and performance capabilities for a wide range of acoustic instrumentalists,” said Jay Porter, product manager for Radial Engineering. “With the ability to have two discrete tonal settings and characteristics, the PZ-Pro allows players to focus more on their performance and less on adjusting knobs and tones during a show.”