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NanoLumens ‘welcome wave’ display promotes tourism at Darwin Airport

Darwin International Airport has enhanced its digital signage centred around a NanoLumens NanoCurve wave-shaped LED display above the baggage carousels in the airport’s arrivals area.

‘The Wave’ display is 63sqft and has 6.6mm pixel pitch running HD full motion video of the region’s attractions across the 4.3m by 1.4m solution.

“We are delighted with the impact that ‘The Wave’ has created,” stated Ginny Sanders, head of communications and media for Northern Territory Airports. “The Wave is an important pillar of Darwin Airport’s role as the primary gateway to the Northern Territory and its role in defining the expectations of visitors from the moment they arrive at the airport. From a commercial perspective, it has also allowed us to deliver advertising solutions that are not available elsewhere in Darwin, creating an advertising site that is truly unique.”

Digital Place Solutions, a digital display and place-based media consultancy specialising in high-resolution LED solutions, recommended the NanoCurve display.

“The concept came from airport consultant Jeremy Corfield, a partner at CPI, as part of a plan to refresh the digital signage at the airport,” explained Gerry Thorley, director at Digital Place Solutions. “Darwin Airport wanted to include a display in the baggage collection area to promote the city and region, and this location would offer good dwell time for arriving passengers to be informed about Darwin and the region.

“NanoLumens was the best choice based on the company’s ability to provide a smooth, curved wave in line with the concept design that CPI had brought to the airport. Other brands might have attempted to provide a faceted wave but it would look like a lot of flat faces side by side. Additionally, the depth and weight would have been larger and it would not have looked nearly as exquisite.”

Jeremy Corfield added: “CPI is an independent digital advisor to airports and mall operators and we always look for the technology solution that is the best fit for each individual project. The NanoLumens NanoCurve was the best solution for this component of the installation at Darwin Airport as it was one of only a small number of potential lightweight, flexible LED solutions that could create the desired look and feel, with a suitably slim profile.”

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