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NanoLumens opens visualisation centre in Las Vegas

NanoLumens has opened a multi-million dollar Visualisation Centre in Las Vegas to serve customers and partners throughout the western region of the US. The facility is the manufacturer’s third, with the other two located in Georgia, US and London, UK.

The new 7,700sqft showcases NanoLumens’ entire line of pixel pitch indoor and outdoor LED solutions, including the recently launched Outdoor Performance and Outdoor Gallery Series of displays. There are also on-site visualisation associates who provide display comparisons and advice on specific projects.

“The best way for our customers and partners to understand what we can do for them is to see our solutions in-person,” said NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope. “Once customers see our displays operating side-by-side in a showroom environment, and speak with our on-site associates and engineers, they quickly understand that NanoLumens is uniquely able to translate their biggest dreams into a visual reality that will enhance their business. We’ve seen this happen time and again in our Georgia and London showrooms and we expect the same to happen in our new Las Vegas Visualisation Centre.”

The new Las Vegas centre is strategically positioned to meet the needs of the region’s gaming and casino market, which is the largest in the world, as well as the needs of vertical market customers throughout the western part of the US. “All of our markets, including retail, sports and gaming, transportation and corporate customers, now have a complete idea and resource centre that they can easily visit to stimulate ideas that bring their visualisation needs to life,” added Cope.

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