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NanoLumens introduces NanoClear transparent visualisation platform

NanoLumens has announced the introduction of the fully transparent NanoClear display platform, the latest advance in its visual solutions offering.

“NanoLumens has always been unique in its ability to provide customers with visual solutions in any size, shape or curvature, solutions that in every respect live up to their imagination,” explained NanoLumens VP of marketing and business development Nate Remmes. “However, the introduction of our transparent visualisation technology takes the company to the next level of innovation. We’re proud to be one of the first companies to commercialise this industry-changing technology, and provide exceptional solutions to customers around the world.”

Utilising nano-optical particle diffusion, the new NanoClear display platform allows objects to float in space. The display can accept input from nearly any device or content management system to produce specific messaging on the clear display.

The company’s patented display technology and visual solutions hope to transform the way companies engage their audiences in every type of retail, stadium and public event environments.

On the TD Garden installation in Boston, which previously installed NanoSlim displays, Remmes commented: “We’re thrilled to see this new technology already changing the atmospherics in so many diverse installation environments.”