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NanoLumens dismisses two patent lawsuits

LED display manufacturer NanoLumens has reached a settlement with Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions LLC, and has dismissed its patent infringement lawsuit against them.

Infiled and DetaiLED are providers of customised technology solutions using LED displays. Although DetaiLED had displayed a flexible LED display model on its website, both companies have shown that they have not sold and will not import or sell any flexible LED display modules that infringe NanoLumens’ patents in the United States.

According to a statement from NanoLumens, the companies expect future discussions to take place, exploring mutually beneficial business opportunities.

We reported in June that NanoLumens had launched proceedings against four companies for alleged infringement of its US Patents 8,963,895 (Ubiquitously Mountable Image Display System), 9,159,707 (Flexible Display), and 9,640,516 (Flexible Display Apparatus and Methods).

The manufacturer’s most recent statement makes no mention of the lawsuits against the other two companies, PixelFLEX and Gable Company.