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NanoLumens and Navori announce unified digital signage strategy

NanoLumens and Navori have revealed a new partnership and the development of a unified strategy to provide digital signage networks to end users and system integrators.

This non-exclusive partnership will see NanoLumens integrate custom-built energy efficient LED displays with Navori QL digital signage software to speed up network rollouts. The aim of the deal is to address the complicated purchasing and delivery process associated with digital signage network design and deployment.

Nathan Remmes, VP of corporate development, NanoLumens, commented: “The AV and digital signage industries are increasingly seeing the cream of the crop come together to create complete solutions, and provide customers with a better experience. It’s similar to what the IT industry went through 20 years ago, accelerating away from a large pool of disparate hardware and software vendors and toward a more unified strategy.

“Working with Navori, we can more effectively promote the future of digital signage and provide better ownership at the end user level; as well as complete, customised packages for integrators to accelerate deployments.”

The recently established partnership is already making an impression on retail, gaming and event venue verticals, including an advertising-supported network in a large Midwest convention centre.

“Our combined hardware and software strategy will provide our customers with the tools needed to support the seamless high-quality content transitions, social media integration and detailed ad campaign management that today’s most advanced networks require,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori. “We are excited to work with another high-end supplier that believes in the future of digital signage, and the benefits it can bring to businesses and consumers alike.”

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