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Muzika InStore selects Barix as audio over IP vendor

A Barix audio over IP solution is helping Croatian-based Musika InStore deliver flexible audio content to retailers and other businesses aiming to enhance in-store atmosphere and expedite return on investment.

Audio specialist Barix is supporting IP audio streaming and delivery for a new Croatian-based in-store audio service, Muzika InStore, which allows customers to manage their own content locally.

The Muzika InStore service works as a “store and forward” operation, which means the system doesn’t depend on constant internet connections. The solution includes two in-house developed web applications to support programme development and management. The first application, MIT AddSite, gives customers complete freedom to create in-store audio programmes aimed at enhancing the retail experience or business atmosphere. The second, MIT FTPstats, focuses on network-wide monitoring and troubleshooting.

Muzika InStore’s MIT AddSite application assists the creative process, allowing customers to freely and easily add, schedule and delete music, announcements and local advertisements through a central admin section. It also retains all customer information for simple ongoing management, including hours of operation as well as databases, playlists and musical preferences down to specific genres. Users can also generate reports to show proof of play for advertisers.

Once live at a business, the overall system refreshes itself at the same time each day, creates a playlist for the next week and then disconnects from the Internet to save network resources, ensuring that credit card authorization, point of sale systems and other primary retail systems are unaffected. Muzika InStore also preloads USB sticks, which are attached direct to the Barix Exstreamer 100 decoders to provide secondary, local audio source. This is especially helpful upfront to reduce the initial download needs and minimize network congestion. Meanwhile, newly installed devices automatically connect to Muzika InStore’s network.

Current clients include KTC d.o.o, a Croatian chain of retail store and restaurants for which Muzika InStore produces 210 weekly promotions and advertisements; as well as Bluesun resorts and hotels, the Garden Mall Dubrava in Zagreb, and retail businesses Metro, Emmerzeta, Trgocentar and Trgostil.

Robert Malekovic, CEO of Muzika InStore, says that the Barix devices help to ensure continuous playout of all in-store audio programmes, while delivering a quick return on investment for both his company and his in-store clients.

“No operator in the world can guarantee 100% availability of the live internet stream, so we developed our ‘forward and play’ operation with Barix so that we do not have to depend on constant connections,” said Malekovic. “Barix devices are extremely reliable for playout and since each device consumes less than 4W of electricity, customers with multiple devices experience a return on investment in less than one year.”

“We find the new Barix devices on our servers so that the client can immediately start with creation of music programs and management of ads and promos,” said Malekovic. “The devices start and stop playing based on information the client has input within the AddSite application, so there are no manual interactions required by employees of the shop.”