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Moment Factory creates two more immersive night walk installations

Following the success of its Foresta Lumina attraction in Quebec, multimedia studio Moment Factory has created two more immersive outdoor experiences in the Canadian province.

Following the success of its Foresta Lumina attraction in Quebec, multimedia studio Moment Factory has created two more immersive outdoor experiences in the Canadian province.

This summer sees the launch of two new illuminated night walks: Anima Lumina, a night walk at the zoo, in St-Félicien; and Nova Lumina, a night walk by the sea in Chandler, Gaspésie.

Anima Lumina explores animal life through a series of virtual scenes, enveloping visitors in visual and sound effects. For Nova Lumina, visitors are invited to discover an illuminated night walk where land and sky come together and the Grand Pabos rivers meet in Chandler.

All three summer experiences start at nightfall. Specifically designed for the destinations, each night walk is unique, and designed for all ages. Visitors are invited to discover an enchanted 1.5 to 2km trail in nature. As they walk through the path, they meet different characters who draw them into an immersive adventure that lasts approximately 60 minutes. It’s a new way to appreciate and enjoy nature at night. It appeals to the child within and the memories of reading and hearing about the magic tales of the forest.

The stories and set designs created by Moment Factory combine projections and lighting, and are all accompanied by an original soundtrack. All three productions are based on a close collaboration with each partner. And the sets were built partly in collaboration with local suppliers. The multimedia installations are seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, with a strong respect for the indigenous fauna and flora, and with the objective of creating an all-encompassing sense of magic.

“We get our inspiration from the local culture and the environment of each destination. Nature already has its own magic. Our job is to imagine a story and design an experience that will enhance its inherent charms and allow the public to discover it in a new way,” said Gabriel Pontbriand, creative director at Moment Factory.

Foresta Lumina opened in 2014 in the Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, in Quebec’s Eastern townships, and was an instant success. The Parc hosted some 70,000 visitors during its first summer – nearly ten times more than the initial estimated attendance – and more than 145,000 visitors during its second year. Foresta Lumina is said to be responsible for a traffic increase of 1,800% in the Coaticook region, resulting in unprecedented positive economic impact for hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Multimedia studio Moment Factory