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MIPRO launches rechargeable transmitters

MIPRO has launched a complete line of rechargeable handheld and bodypack transmitters for its ACT series wireless systems.

The manufacturer says that it has developed these rechargeable transmitters to meet customer expectations and to provide a convenient, energy-saving solution. Powered by an ICR18500 rechargeable battery, the new rechargeable transmitters feature charging contacts for use with the new MP-80 charging station. This has two charging slots for recharging two transmitters or batteries, and storage slots for tow spare batteries. Two or more chargers can be easily interconnected for more charging options.

The leading products in the ACT series of wireless systems are the ACT-818/828 UHF single and dual channel wideband true digital wireless systems. These provide an expanded 64MHz bandwidth, ensuring optimal RF spectrum flexibility. They feature a full-colour vacuum fluorescent display for clear viewing, one-touch channel set-up, SmartEQ with capsule emulation, and 12 hours of battery life. In addition, they contain true condenser handheld capsules with auto mute capability and the world’s smallest digital bodypack, plus the ability to engage 256-bit encryption when secure transmission is needed.