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miniDSP launches immerGO object-based 3D audio

"Perfect" for live events, theme parks, museums, and many more applications

miniDSP (, a market leading designer and manufacturer of digital signal processing platforms and solutions for a wide range of applications,  has announce the launch of immerGO object-based 3D audio. 

Unveiled at InfoComm 2018, the new product has been described as being an ideal solution for live events, theme parks, large and small AV installations, museums, art galleries, soundscapes, and many more immersive audio applications.

immerGO enables a user to select sound channels, move these channels in 3D space, and to record these movements for later playback. An immerGo system can be used to localise sound sources in live shows, theatre productions, and/or theme parks, amongst other environments.

The location of sounds can be controlled as the show progresses, or soundscapes can be recorded and played back during a show.

“We engineered immerGO to make object-based 3D audio easy, affordable, and scalable from a few speakers to literally dozens of speakers at a time,” explained Dr. Richard Foss, head of immersive audio research. “InfoComm 2018 was an exciting event for us to feature immerGo, since there are so many applications for this technology. immerGO simple, flexible, and incredibly easy-to-use” control interface is a game changer thanks to its plug and play client-server concept. 

“Any workstation/mobile phone/tablet turns into a powerful controller for mixing object-based audio, and what makes it even better is that more than one user can localise different tracks.”

The server is a standard Mac or PC that runs a DAW (such as Reaper) and controls AVB devices on a plug and play AVB network. The client control is provided via a web interface on the server or a separate mobile device. 

“Thanks to our distributed processing architecture, you can scale to very large installs in no time,” Foss continued. “First, connect your Mac or PC workstation to an Ethernet AVB switch. Then connect the switch(es) to up to 90 speakers, enter your miniDSP