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Meyer speakers relaying Echoes of the Past

Weather-protected Meyer Sound loudspeakers have been installed as part of a technical upgrade at Kronborg Castle in Denmark.

Weather-protected Meyer Sound loudspeakers have been installed as part of a technical upgrade at Kronborg Castle in Denmark. Arguably best-known as the setting for William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the site now features a sophisticated audio system designed to convey a variety of important historical moments and themes to visitors.

Exhibition manager Jesper Gottlib Wik commented: “We call the sounds at Kronborg Castle ‘Echoes of the Past’. The aim is to create sounds that appeal to our guests’ imagination and encourage them to form their own interpretation of what they hear.”

Sound quality and durability in changeable weather conditions were among the factors that influenced the selection of Meyer Sound systems by project audio supplier Stouenberg, with the company’s Anders Jørgensen remarking: “We were drawn to Meyer Sound knowing that their systems are installed on cruise ships. And if a system can sustain the rough conditions at sea, it’s the system that we wanted for the Kronborg Castle. Some of the loudspeakers are hidden in granite enclosures to stay out of sight and to be protected from vandalism.”

Notable features of the Meyer spec at Kronborg include a L/C/R configuration of UPM-1Ps to play back the sounds of marching soldiers and stonemasons near the main entrance; two MM-4XPs and an MM-10XP sub to relay everyday village sounds; and a UPM-1P loudspeaker to recount the story of the 1658 battle of Sweden, Denmark and Holland.

Feedback about the project is said to have been overwhelmingly positive, and now there are plans to install sensors that can automatically regulate the volume of the pre-recorded material based on the level of environmental background noise.

Sascha Khelifa, managing director of Meyer Sound Germany, told IE: “Kronborg Castle is just one great example of the installation projects that our partners are helping make a success around the world, and especially in Europe. We have found that museum exhibitions and heritage installations are incorporating more sound and video technologies than ever before. Meyer Sound has been fortunate to be involved in some recent exciting projects including Edfu Temple in Egypt, sound installations by Florian Hecker at Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Art, the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam and The Modern Line Art Pavilion in Seville.”