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Meyer Sound MICA loudspeaker system in immersive 5D theatre

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s 5D Castle Theatre in Zhuhai, China has installed an AVB-enabled Meyer Sound system to help deliver an immersive experience for audiences in the Chimelong International Ocean Resort.

The 1,000-seat theatre presents an animated show with support from 119 Meyer Sound loudspeakers. The theatre’s sophisticated, multichannel presentation includes 26 input channels and various output channel configurations connected to the D-Mitri digital audio platform via what is claimed to be one of the world’s largest AVB (Audio Video Bridging) networks.

“D-Mitri with AVB was my favoured solution for this application,” stated Leo Wagner, infrastructure manager for Wels, Austria-based Kraftwerk Living Technologies, which designed and engineered the theatre technology. “The fact that the AVB data shares the same network infrastructure as the control data is proof that the AVB and other common network tasks can coexist, even on heavily utilised networks.”

Use of the new AVB audio networking standard greatly simplified installation, while affording greater flexibility in developing the audio effects. AVB carries eight channels of audio to each seat in the theatre to use for localised effects and multiple language translations, in addition to connecting all elements of the main MICA line array loudspeaker system.

“Because of the extraordinary size of this theatre, there were no cinema loudspeaker systems available on the market that could meet our stringent performance requirements of coverage up to 44 metres,” explained Christian Hofer, managing partner and technical director at Kraftwerk Living Technologies. “Fortunately, MICA line arrays increased the acoustic energy to ensure the entire auditorium was filled with powerful, high-quality sound.”

The 5D Castle Theatre’s audio system comprises seven screen channel arrays of eight MICA loudspeakers and two 600-HP subwoofers each, which are supplemented by 15 700-HP subwoofers, 22 HMS-12 surround loudspeakers, and 12 UPQ-1P loudspeakers for surround sound and localised special effects.

The theatre’s multi-sensory ‘5D’ concept incorporates the world’s largest permanent projection screen at 88m-by-18m, and the world’s largest stereoscopic 3D projection, both confirmed by Guinness World Records. The theatre is also equipped with Kraftwerk Living Technologies’ proprietary 4D seats, incorporating motion, scents, air blasts, water effects, and ‘ticklers’ for tactile sensations.

Meyer Sound loudspeakers