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Meyer Sound adds to LEO Family and unveils MAPP XT design tool

Meyer Sound has announced two additions to its flagship LEO Family, the LEOPARD line array loudspeaker and the 900-LFC low-frequency control element. In addition, they have introduced the MAPP XT audio system design tool that allows users to design systems with useful loudspeaker headroom information.

“I’ve always followed my own path in this business, never satisfied until something is the best it can be,” said John Meyer, Founder and CEO of Meyer Sound. “With the LEO Family we set out to reduce distortion to the theoretical limits and both LEOPARD and 900-LFC bring us even closer to the goal of the ultimate linear loudspeaker system. Quality components, amazing technology, incredible convenience, and elegant design are critically important, but it’s really the results that matter.”

The MAPP XT has an updated user interface and shows the maximum levels Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems can be driven while maintain linear performance.

“It’s always been our vision to produce highly accurate sound systems that amplify the source material faithfully at all output levels. MAPP XT provides a whole new way of looking at headroom by showing the full available power capacity of a system while maintaining linearity and regardless of equalisation in digital processing,” explained Meyer.

Headroom information is the most significant new feature in MAPP XT, and can be viewed from the traditional broadband pink noise and B-Noise input signals.

“As a test signal, pink noise has been an excellent but conservative way for showing system behaviour and it rarely reflects actual show content,” added Meyer. “Introducing B-Noise data and headroom information in MAPP XT is an important step to provide measurements that are independently verifiable and represent the linear performance of Meyer Sound systems in real-world applications so customers get the best results every time.”