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Martin LED lighting illuminates Aarhus University

Determined to make its mark after its move to the Katrinebjerg district of Aarhus, the university's engineering school used Martin LED strip lighting to illuminate its windows.

The Aarhus University School of Engineering in Denmark recently moved to the city district of Katrinebjerg, the centre of information technology in Aarhus, and sought to announce its arrival by dynamically illuminating panes of laminated glass on the building’s façade.

Using Martin Professional LED strip lights to backlight 24 panes of glass that operate as sun shades, the building, designed by architectural firm CF Møller, now radiates in a wash of eye-catching colour.

The glass panes consist of two layers of 6 mm tempered glass with yellow foil between. The panes, 40 cm wide x 8 m long and divided into four sections, are illuminated from the back by the IP67-rated RGB strip lights, thereby making the foil “glow.”

Control of the lighting system is via a Martin software-based M-PC controller, which allows for programming and simple control of a series of custom light scenes.

Martin Professional’s Aarhus-based R&D Department has enjoyed a long-standing cooperation with the School. This project, including lighting design, however, was completed in cooperation with Martin Professional Scandinavia.