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Martin and Green Hippo link-up simplifies LED video control

The P3-PC System Controller from Martin can now be seamlessly integrated with Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers.

The P3-PC System Controller from Martin (part of Harman) can now be seamlessly integrated with Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media servers – bringing Martin’s creative video solutions to smaller shows and events. P3-PC will also soon be available on AViary video tools – Green Hippo’s range of display solutions for the installation market.

With this new integration, users can install the P3-PC software directly onto any Green Hippo media server running the Hippotizer V4 software, effectively enabling the media server to output the Martin P3 protocol.

The integration allows Martin creative LED video products – such as the VC-Grids, VC-Strips and the VDO Sceptrons – to be controlled directly from a Hippotizer V4 media server. It provides an intuitive and integrated out-of-the-box experience, as video transfer between the Hippotizer software and the P3-PC software is set up automatically.

The P3-PC is a standalone, PC-based version of the P3 system controller software for small set-ups (up to 20,736 pixels), and is compatible with all Martin LED video products. It can also work as an off-line editor for the P3-100, P3-200 and P3-300 System Controllers, for preprogramming shows; and as a tool for firmware uploads and addressing/testing of Martin LED video products.

“I’m very excited to see P3 coming straight out of a Hippotizer media server,” said Wouter Verlinden, product manager for LED video at Martin Professional. “This opens up a lot of new opportunities with our creative LED video products – both for people with Hippotizers, but also for those who have yet to pick the Hippotizer as their favorite media server.”

The P3/Green Hippo control and media server solution eliminates the need to purchase a separate P3 System Controller: users can simply install P3-PC on any Hippotizer V4 media server, plug in a Martin One-Key with P3-PC license and start working with Martin’s creative LED video fixtures.

“Being able to drive Martin’s fantastic range of LED video products directly from Hippotizer V4 with Martin P3, makes a truly compelling combination; easy to use, extremely powerful and flexible, enabling even the most creative ideas. I can’t wait to see what concepts will come to life,” said Sean Westgate, technical director at Green Hippo.

This functionality is available on any new or existing Hippotizer V4 media server running software version 4.1, and requires P3-PC software 4.1.0 (or newer) to be installed onto the Hippotizer.

Martin P3-PC System Controller

Hippotizer V4