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Mackie reimagines SRM loudspeaker series

Mackie’s redesigned SRM V-Class series powered loudspeakers deliver a combination of powerful SPL, high quality sound, advanced DSP technology, and reliability, including an all-wood enclosure. Designed for a variety of professional sound-reinforcement applications, the series consists of three models: the SRM210 V-Class, SRM212 V-Class, and SRM215 V-Class, with 10-, 12-, and 15in low-frequency transducers, respectively.

Mackie’s high-performance transducers employ large, powerful magnets for maximum efficiency, while their over-engineered speaker motor and voice coil produces increased output and transient accuracy. Additional cooling vents surrounding the voice coil combine with directional cabinet porting to ensure maximum heat dispersion and reliability.

Mackie’s 1.4in polymer high-frequency driver provides a nearly flat response for smooth highs that sound natural and balanced. The Sym-X horn produces minimal distortion, even at high output, and offers a perfectly symmetrical, flat response at the crossover point for exceptionally smooth midrange.

All SRM V-Class models incorporate Mackie’s new 2,000W Class D amplifier, which delivers stability, headroom, and audio fidelity. Designed to withstand the most demanding applications, the amplifier’s universal power supply (100 to 240 VAC) includes Power Factor Correction for stable operation, even when AC power is unstable. A dedicated processing module monitors and protects the amplifier in real time, providing system limiting and protection without affecting sound quality and tonal balance. Powerful multi-band compression targets specific frequency ranges to prevent system overloading, rather than turning everything down at the expense of overall output.

Mackie’s Advanced Impulse DSP Proprietary Acoustic Tuning produces crystal clear sound across the entire dispersion area of 60° (H) by 40° (V). A precision crossover and transducer time-alignment ensures balanced and accurate sound. Proprietary Intelligent Bass Management technology uses the processing power of V-Class to dynamically keep low end in check while maintaining perfectly clear, punchy sound.

The SRM210 V-Class can deliver up to 131dB SPL from 45Hz to 20kHz, while the SRM212 V-Class offers up to 135dB SPL between 42Hz and 20kHz, and the SRM215 V-Class powers out up to 136dB SPL between 40Hz and 20kHz.

On the back panel, SRM Mix Control features a built-in four-channel digital mixer with two channels equipped with a mic/line/instrument combo input, a dedicated 1/8-inch stereo aux input, and stereo Bluetooth input. A high-contrast full colour display enables easy single-knob access to mixer and processing parameters, including channel levels and EQ, application- and venue-specific voicing modes, and an alignment delay. You can save and recall up to 10 user presets, and the entire system can be locked with a four-digit passcode. SRM V-Class loudspeakers also can be controlled wirelessly with Mackie’s SRM Connect app for iOS and Android, which offers access to all adjustments and settings.

In addition, two SRM V-Class loudspeakers can be wirelessly linked, with up to 100m of range between linked speakers. Linked speakers can operate in stereo or as dual zones.

SRM V-Class loudspeakers have a dual-angle pole mount and an angled cabinet design, enabling them to be used free standing, pole mounted, or as a high performance floor monitor.