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LG’s new “beyond imagination” transparent 55″ OLED display to bring wow factor to retail

New product on track from December release will provide retailers with a revolutionary new way to market products helping to stand out

LG’s highly anticipated transparent 55″ OLED display is expected to become available to the market before Christmas.

The new display, which was unveiled during this year’s ISE trade show conference in Amsterdam, is just 4mm in depth, is made from one piece of glass, does not include a frame and provides a transmittance rate of 40 per cent. 

The displays, yet to be priced, are expected to be widely adopted in retail, providing a new way of marketing products using content via display technology, whilst still being able to view the product physically in the same viewpoint at the same time.

The displays can used individually or stacked together, with the level of transparency able to be adjusted depending on the requirement needs. 

“You can deliver messages and promote products, whilst showing the actual products behind the display at the same time,” said a spokesperson for the firm. “It can be installed anywhere. Its transparent and slim design not only attracts attention, it lends itself to a unified spacial design by separating the space, while naturally connecting it.”

More details will be provided as and when we receive it.