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LG 1.8mm videowall to make UK debut at Midwich Technology Exposed

The new LG Electronics 1.8mm bezel videowall will be on show for the first time to the UK market at Midwich Tech Exposed on 16 and 17 September at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey. The LG booth will also feature next-generation flat-panel displays including a 55in high bright unit, Web OS demonstrations with SignageLive and the 98in UHD, as well as the Transparent Display Cooler, which will be full of refreshments in the break out area.

The 1.8mm bezel videowall is the first to be created with a uniform bezel on all four sides and will be available as a 55in Full HD panel, featuring in-built LG software to create a 15 x 15 matrix. Additional scaling can be achieved with external player solutions, ideal for creating captivating and engaging displays of any size or shape, with the LG windmill on display for inspiration.

As with all LG displays, the videowall panels are driven using In Plane Switching (IPS) technology, changing the liquid crystal alignment for benefits including a much wider viewing angle, ensuring content flows seamlessly between panels with no drop off at the edges.

The 55in High Bright features brightness of 2,500 nits to ensure that even the strongest ambient lighting won’t affect the vibrancy of content.

The display features LG’s proprietary transflective technology which embraces natural sunlight, reflecting its light out through the LCD panel, enhancing the native brightness of the backlight LEDs for reduced power consumption and excellent total cost of ownership.

LG’s Web OS smart platform will be presented on a 55in screen featuring the built in, high performance System on a Chip (SoC) solution that allows displays to be networked and controlled remotely. Ideal for digital signage, the displays feature a user friendly interface where new content can be created or existing slides refreshed to reflect real time information, allowing users to be responsive to trends and current market conditions.

The displays will also be the first to feature a detachable LG logo for environments that desire this practicality.

LG will also be bringing the ‘cool’ factor, quite literally through the presentation of its M+ transparent panel technology. Presented as a Transparent Display Cooler Door, visitors will be captivated by the amalgamation of real products dramatised by engaging digital media.

When there is no content being shown, the display is completely transparent so that the products inside are clearly visible. When the media plays, the products are interspersed with the graphics to bring them to life. This can be integrated with real-time content such as sports results and social media or transformed into an interactive display to showcase product information.

The solution works by having two clear sheets of glass that are surrounded by edge-lit LEDs. The signal pulses out through the LEDs to take over the display on the screen allowing the combination of physical products and overlaid graphics.

Commercial display solutions from LG

Midwich Technology Exposed 2015