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Legrand and partners launch Eliot IoT program

Legrand and partners Amazon Alexa, Samsung and Cisco have introduced Eliot, a global IoT program that aims to advance connectivity and intelligence in the Built Environment and enhance value in the use of connected products.

Eliot offers a purpose-built cloud, gateways for installed legacy offerings, an array of natively-connected new products, and solutions comprising connected, intelligent technologies and services.

According to John Selldorff, CEO of Legrand North and Central America, commented: “There is permanence to the work of our partners in the architectural, design, engineering and IT communities, so when they wish to create a space – a home, workplace or data centre – they consider how it will be enjoyed today, and used tomorrow. They consider its impact, inside and out, on the community at large.

“At Legrand, we have the technologies to facilitate better connectivity and intelligence that enable enhanced productivity, efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Eliot aggregates these technologies and signals our intent to assure the market that Legrand will continue to advance connectivity and intelligence in the Built Environment.”

Stephen Schoffstall, chief marketing officer of Legrand North and Central America, added: “Legrand is built in, not simply plugged in. This distinction is critical when you consider that Eliot is an expression of Legrand’s determination to evolve the experience of living, working and operating in buildings – and to minimise the impact those buildings will have on the environment.”

“The success of IoT requires proximity to both the people who will use IoT devices and services, and to the power and data connectivity that will enable those IoT devices and services,” Schoffstall continued. “Electrical real estate where people live and work is fundamental to the success of IoT. Legrand and our partners are optimally positioned to flip the IoT switch on electrical real-estate and transform spaces into highly connected, highly efficient and autonomous environments.”