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Jands Vista provides control for new pixel mapping show at Legoland

Jands Vista v2 has been specified to provide control for all aspects of the lighting for a new live show, which recently opened at the Legoland Windsor Resort called ‘Lego Friends to the Rescue’. The new show is set in the Resort’s new Heartlake City, which recreates the world of the Lego Friends toy range.

The focal point is the harbour’s lighthouse, which is pixel mapped with over 700 RGB LED emitters using a Traxon Dot media string wrapped around the structure.

Lighting contractor, A.C. Special Projects (ACSP) specified the Jands Vista S1 console to control the lighthouse LEDs in addition to the stage lighting. ACSP director, Lance Bromhead, explained: “Vista was ideal for this project, primarily as it has an incredibly powerful FX engine capable of pixel mapping stunning shapes and animations with ease. This meant that there was no need for additional products such as a dedicated media server, which kept production costs down whilst still delivering on the client’s requirement for striking visuals.”

To reflect the energy on stage, the show required complex lighting sequences played back through hundreds of cues. These cues needed to be recalled accurately, without the use of external triggers such as timecode. The show is utilising a feature called Learn Timing, which recorded the exact timing between cues the first time they were played back. As a result of this, the operators only have to press a single button and the sequences play back exactly as intended.

Laura Jackson, project manager for the Resort’s chief production contractor, SGA, commented: “Jands Vista is really proving to be a great choice for the show’s control requirements. Not only has it exceeded everyone’s expectations in making the lighthouse and stage area look fantastic, it actually proved just as useful during the show pre-production process, because Vista is so visual, it was possible to program part of the show ‘blind’ before some fixtures arrived on-site, saving valuable time in production rehearsals.”

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