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Legal practice uses Cabletime and MediaStar for IPTV

Legal practitioners Allen & Overy needed live TV to be distributed around its new offices at Bishops Square Building in London. A solution was achieved by enlisting the assistance of Cabletime using its MediaStar Evolution.

Allen and Overy, international legal practitioners, employed MediaStar Evolution Encoder Units from Cabletime for the distribution of live TV around its new office at Bishops Square Building, London.

Twenty units are being used to deliver twenty channels, including BBC 24, CNN, Bloomberg, a variety of sports and Freeview stations, plus internal Allen & Overy channels in rooms including the reception area of the building, as well as in, bars, restaurants and training rooms. Visitors waiting in the reception area can watch various channels, while employees have access to live television while relaxing in social areas. 

MediaStar Evolution provides IPTV, multimedia and digital signage through a range of DVB-T and DVB-S2 IP Gateways, SD & HD MPEG-2/H264 encoders, IPTV receivers and digital signage media players. The system is also used by the building’s security teams to monitor news channels in case of security alerts. By choosing an IPTV system for distributing television, Allen & Overy have the option to extend its reach at a later date, and allow employees to watch television on their desktop PCs. “The initial decision was to go IPTV rather than traditional analogue,” said Gareth Ash, global head of IT service delivery at Allen & Overy.“Bishops Square is a new building, so the opportunity was there to use IP technology to distribute TV around the building and avoid coax cabling costs and disruption.”