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LD Systems launches three wireless conferencing sets

LD Systems, part of the Adam Hall Group, has introduced a new generation of wireless, four-channel conferencing systems.

The U500 wireless conference sets are available in three versions for different frequency ranges including: U505 CS 4 (554–586 MHz), U506 CS 4 (662–694 MHz) and U508 CS 4 (823–832 MHz + 863–865 MHz).

The LD Systems U500 wireless conference sets are True Diversity systems, functioning on the UHF band. The systems include automatic channel search, automatic frequency search, IR frequency synchronisation of receiver and microphone unit, pilot tone and priority switching – suited for conferences, meetings and discussions. The U500 sets also feature security locks and RS-232 interfaces for integration into external control systems and audio transmission range is from 60Hz to 16kHz.

The U500 terminals are equipped with a gooseneck condenser microphone with hypercardioid pick-up pattern and an illuminated status ring. High-contrast OLED displays in the sturdy bases provide users with information regarding the variety of configuration options. The displays also provide a complete overview of all functions and settings such as audio and radio signal strength and priority and the battery status of the terminals.

To eliminate crosstalk, feedback and comb filter effects, the number of simultaneously live microphones can be configured on the receiver. A selectable automatic or manual gate setting and pilot tone ensure superb, interference-free sound.

The system can be expanded to include up to five cascaded U500 receivers, operated in master-slave mode. As such, a maximum of 20 terminals can be used, depending on the availability of frequency ranges in the respective countries.

Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, product manager, integrated systems, commented: “The new U500-conference systems are a future-proof investment for many application areas requiring reliable wireless technology.

“Rental firms who equip company events will also benefit from our new systems. With their professional features, the U500 wireless conference sets provide effective communication and excellent speech intelligibility.

“The three available frequency ranges give users the option to select the appropriate system for their local frequency requirements.”