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Lab.gruppen launches PLM+ amplifier range

The Crystal at London’s Royal Victoria Dock, one of the UK's greenest buildings, saw the launch of Lab.gruppen's PLM+ series of amplifiers on Monday night.

The Crystal at London’s Royal Victoria Dock, one of the UK’s greenest buildings, was the venue for the launch of Lab.gruppen’s PLM+ series of amplifiers on Monday night.

PLM+ is the new amplifier platform from Lab.gruppen, one that offers “the unique performance characteristics, flexibility, and raw power of the 20000Q, but with twice the processing power, twice the throughput and a whole host of additional features and improvements”.

The PLM+ range offers two models – PLM20K44 and the PLM12K44 – each combining a 4-in/4-out configuration for audio I/O as well as four modules of Lake Processing. In more detail: four analogue inputs, four AES inputs, four power outputs, four Lake Contour modules, 8×8 Dante I/O, a 2-port 1GB network switch, dual redundancy and more.

While the range is primarily targeted at the touring market, the company believes that the PLM+ will also find a home within the installation market, as the original PLM series has done.

PLM 12K44 – positioned as a successor to the PLM 10000Q – offers a universal power supply, power factor correction and eight Dante Break in/outs. This model also features Lab.gruppen’s Rational Power Management (RPM) technology, first seen in the company’s D Series install platform, launched earlier in 2014. RPM enables flexible power allocation across all channels to ensure a more efficient and rational use of total available power output from multiple amplifiers, therefore minimising inventory as well as optimising workflow. RPM technology serves to enhance Lab.gruppen’s position as a leader in green amplifier technology.

Martin Andersson (pictured), product manager for Lab.gruppen and son of company founder Kenneth Andersson, said: “PLM+ is a new platform built on the core of the iconic design of the PLM 20000Q. We knew we could take the typical hallmarks of reliability and performance, but also offer the end user a whole host of additional, real world benefits.

“Compared to other devices out there, PLM+ is truly exceptional. PLM+ allows you to accurately specify, design, control and monitor all connections and interactions to and from the PLM+ device. No other amplifier platform can do this in such a managed way, and with the trusted and proven reliability and sonic integrity of PLM.”

Andersson said he saw the PLM+ becoming a new industry standard, and a device that was very rider-friendly. An obvious draw would be mid- to large-scale touring events, as well as a use in the installation market. (“That’s money in the bank, my friends!” he quipped.)

He said that around 40 units will ship before the end of October, with mass production beginning in November. The PLM 20000Q will be discontinued after March 2015, he confirmed.