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L-Acoustics amplifiers and speakers for Woodstream church

Woodstream Church, located in Bowie, Maryland, has deployed a new L-Acoustics amplifier and loudspeaker system. The install, which was carried out by RCI Systems, will facilitate services which regularly feature a full band and choir.

Prior to the recent system retrofit, the venue suffered from uneven coverage with sound getting lost at the edges of the room and under the balcony.

Systems integrator RCI Systems was enlisted to rectify the issues, subsequently turning to L-Acoustics’ acoustical simulation software, Soundvision, to create a solution.

According to RCI designer Bob Capotosto (CTS), the ideal remedy predicted was achieved with a combination of the L-Acoustics’s Arcs Wifo – Wide and Focus – and coaxial XT product ranges.

Today, the sanctuary’s main system utilises an LCR arrangement of three arrays each comprised of two L-Acoustics SB18m subs, two Arcs Wide and two Arcs Focus enclosures. Ten compact 8XTi individually spread out just under the lip of the balcony deliver blanketed audio coverage to the rear sanctuary seats, while a single ultra-compact 5XT at each far edge of the underbalcony ensures optimum coverage to even the furthest corner seating areas. The entire loudspeaker system is powered and processed by a total of five LA8 amplified controllers.

Capotosto notes that the L-Acoustics Wifo system, in particular, was ideal in that it is remarkably lightweight for its power, which minimized the amount of additional steel bracing required for the new hang points in the sanctuary’s ceiling. He also cited the tight directivity patterns and full range performance of the arrays as instrumental in being the right choice for the tall, fan-shaped space.