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L-Acoustics system installed in music venue at Molapo Crossing

Molapo Crossing in Gaborone, Botswana, has a new live music venue, which has been fitted with an L-Acoustics Arcs Wide and Focus system, installed to supply coverage and sound quality but also comply with local noise regulations.

The venue is situated within a shopping mall and is the brainchild of Belgian-born managing director Luc Vandecasteele, who wanted to create an outdoor performance area that could predominantly host classical and jazz concerts.

L-Acoustics reseller for Botswana, Keyman Ventures, was employed to source technical equipment for the venue and called in Sound Harmonics, a South Africa-based L-Acoustics provider.

To comply with noise restrictions, Sound Harmonics’ Richard Smith explained: “We recommended Arcs Wide and Focus, as its reach is contained to around 30m. This would allow us to concentrate the sound right near the stage and, by positioning the subs quite close to the PA, it also wouldn’t bleed out far into the surrounding areas.”

The limited budget for the installation meant the final solution had to be partly cost driven. “Luc considered whether he should provide all the technical equipment, or if, in fact, he should just allow visiting acts to bring their own systems,” commented Smith. “However, he realised there could be legal ramifications if he were not in complete control of the sound levels. The ability of Arcs Wide and Focus to do just that was a major selling point.”

Smith and his team prepared another proposal, showing a solution that satisfied the restrictions without compromising on audio quality and that had the additional benefit of being able to add to the system should there be a need to cover the entire venue, either permanently or for certain events.

“By positioning delays halfway down the space it’s possible to reach the very back, which is ideal for the type of classical concerts they want to hold. Any additional equipment needed can be accommodated with a rental solution from Keyman,” said Smith.

The permanent system comprises two Arcs Focus and one Wide flown next to two SB118Ms per side, with four 8XTs used as front fills.

“The market in Botswana is growing and we are proud to help L-Acoustics be a part of that,” said Keyman’s Mothusi Mokone. L-Acoustics’ Tim McCall, added: “Our sales are branching out beyond their traditional borders in Africa with recent installations being completed in churches in Lesotho and Nigeria – and we expect further success across the continent in 2015.”